Odoo Oca Agreement

Are you familiar with Odoo, the open-source business management software? If you are, then you might have already heard of the Odoo Community Association (OCA), which is a nonprofit organization that helps develop and promote the use of Odoo. Today, we will discuss the Odoo OCA Agreement, which outlines the terms and conditions for using OCA-developed Odoo modules.

What is the Odoo OCA Agreement?

The Odoo OCA Agreement is a legal contract that governs the usage of modules created by the OCA. This agreement aims to provide clear guidelines and proper attribution for the Odoo modules that the OCA develops and contributes to the Odoo community.

This agreement applies to all Odoo modules that are developed and published by the OCA and covers the following aspects:

1. The license agreement

All Odoo modules created by the OCA are released under the LGPLv3 (Lesser General Public License). Under this license, anyone can use, modify, or distribute the OCA-developed modules as long as they comply with the terms of the LGPLv3 license.

2. Attribution

The Odoo OCA Agreement requires that all users who utilize OCA-developed modules must provide proper attribution. This means that users must properly credit the OCA and its contributors for any code used in their projects. Failure to provide proper attribution can result in legal action against users and organizations who fail to comply.

3. Contribution agreement

The OCA encourages user participation in the development of new modules and improvements to existing ones. Therefore, the Odoo OCA Agreement outlines a clear process for contributors to submit changes and improvements to the OCA. The agreement also protects the intellectual property rights of contributors while allowing the OCA to distribute and maintain the contributions under the LGPLv3 license.

Why is the Odoo OCA Agreement important?

The Odoo OCA Agreement serves as a necessary legal framework that promotes transparency, community involvement, and proper attribution. These aspects of the agreement are essential for fostering a thriving community and driving the continued development and improvement of Odoo.

Moreover, the Odoo OCA Agreement ensures that all users who utilize OCA-developed modules comply with the LGPLv3 license and receive the proper attribution for their contributions. This agreement also allows the OCA to maintain and distribute any contributions made by users without violating any intellectual property rights.


The Odoo OCA Agreement plays a vital role in the development and promotion of Odoo and its modules. It provides clear guidelines and legal protection for the development and distribution of OCA-developed modules while promoting community involvement and proper attribution.

As users and developers of Odoo, it is essential to understand and follow the Odoo OCA Agreement. Doing so ensures that we can continue to develop and use Odoo modules while respecting the rights of the community and its contributors.