Places to Meet Women Outside of Bars and Clubs

When you think of places to meet women, you probably picture bars and clubs. But there are many more options to find high-quality girls than just going out at night.

Look for events based on things you’re passionate about like yoga, art galleries, and book readings. You experienced will also find a lot of women at these events who are ready to talk and meet new people.

1. Coffee Shops

Coffee shops tend to attract large groups of women. These women may be catching up with friends, working on a project or just escaping their apartments. It’s also a good place to meet people who are interested more in the same thing as you. You could try a yoga class, a dance class or even a cooking class. This way, you can meet people who are passionate about the same things as you and who you may have a lot in common with.

It’s no secret that bars and clubs are a hit-or-miss place to meet women. But what many men don’t realize is that there are a number of places that are much better than bars and clubs where you can meet women and where it won’t feel like a high school dance. You just have to change your mindset a bit and think outside the box. Here are some of my favorite places to meet women that aren’t bars.

2. Dog Parks

Dog parks are a great place to meet women because you already have something in common with them, your love of dogs. Plus, the setting is a bit more low-key than a bar or coffee shop so it can be easier to flirt with the cute girl you’ve been eyeing.

Try starting a conversation with a simple question like, “How old is your dog?” This will get the ball rolling and can lead to more specific questions about her or her dog.

Just be careful not to approach her when she first enters the park because that’ll raise her bs defenses. Instead, wait for her to get settled in and start playing with her dog and then move over. If you do this right, she’ll be more receptive to your cheesy pick-up line or whatever other conversation starter you come up with. And she’ll likely invite you to play with her dog again if she feels a spark.

3. Wine Tasting Events

A wine tasting event can be a great place to meet women because it’s the kind of social gathering that many women attend alone. They’re often on the hunt for a new hobby and enjoy trying something different that will also make them look smart.

Unlike bars, where it can be awkward to approach a woman who’s surrounded by a group of her friends, these events provide a low-pressure environment in which you can break the ice and strike up a conversation with a potential date. And you get to drink some delicious wine at the same time!

Another great way to meet women is by volunteering. Not only does this help others in need, but it also gives you a chance to talk with the people you’re working alongside about the things that are important to you. Plus, if you’re doing a group service project, chances are you’ll be working closely with the same women for an extended period of time.

4. Whole Foods

There are plenty of ways to meet women outside of bars and clubs. Taking classes like pottery, salsa lessons, or improv is a great way to learn something new and meet women who have the same interests as you. You could even try something completely different, such as a glassblowing class at Gotham Writer’s Workshop.

Whole Foods is known to attract a healthy, eco-conscious crowd of women who are likely to be single. These women take care of themselves and enjoy activities such as yoga, juicing, CrossFit, and esoteric hot chick practices.

A trip to the grocery store may seem like a strange place to meet someone, but the right approach can help you score with a hot WF babe. Start by striking up light chit-chat in the prepared food section or sizing up the ripeness of her produce (just make sure to maintain gentlemanly composure). You could also ask for her opinion on your purchase.

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